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Street Foods!

Street Foods

Stop to pickup some lunch

Night Market

Nam Phrik relish & Fried Fish

Street Vendor

Smoky grilled fish

Street Vendor

Todd Mun Pla

Roasted Duck

Roast Duck

Side-Street Restaurant

Side-street restaurant

Cooking curries

Cooking Red Curry and Green Curry

Cooking on a street

Wok stir fry

Squid on a stick

Squid on a stick

Lunch Selections

Lunch choices

Sharing a meal with Family & Friends

A Family Meal

All of these, for four people

Dim Sum Lunch

Dim Sum Brunch

Super Lad-na

Super Lad-Na

A busy restaurant

After-work dinner with co-workers & friends

Traveling Around

Getting a ride

Going to a market

Long-tail Boat

Chao Praya River on a low tide

Long-tail Boat

Long-tail boats

Andaman Sea

Andaman Sea