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  • Red Curry Duck
  • Ginger Chicken
  • Som Tam Salad & Sticky Rice

A Thai Restaurant Located in Winooski, Vermont

Fear not friends and loyal lovers of Thai food, Tiny Thai is open for business. While we are currently limited to selling take-out orders only, we are assessing the COVID-19 situation daily and will consider opening for outdoor service when the time is right. The safety of our staff and customers is of the utmost priority. Also, since the availability of certain specialty ingredients is somewhat unstable at this time, we are not offering the weekly specials menu. We will resume selling specials when the availability becomes more stable.

Tiny Thai is open for curbside pickup only.  Check out our online ordering or call us at 655-4888 to place your order!  Having dietary restrictions? Please call to place order instead of online ordering.  This way, we can help you with your specific allergies/requests.

For Social Distancing purpose, please wait for a text message from us that your order is ready before coming to the front of the restaurant.  Follow the instruction in the text message on how to pick up your order.

DELIVERY SERVICE:  We do not offer delivery service.  If you order through any 3rd party delivery services, please note that we will not take any responsibility of any foods delivered/delivery service provided by them.  Please support us by ordering online directly through this website (curbside pickup only) or by calling 655-4888.  THANK YOU!

Thank you for bearing with us in this difficult time and check back with us often here at our new website for the latest Tiny Thai details as they emerge.